About The Bald Guide Blog On Balding Help And Where To Get Started

About The Bald Guide Blog On Balding Help And Where To Get Started Eagle

Justin Bald Hi and welcome to! My name is Justin (pictured left) and I launched this site in the winter of 2016 as a fun project. The purpose was (is) to create an online guide focused on all aspects of balding and hair loss; writing informative articles, fictional articles and sharing information about the topics. The writing is honest, fun, sarcastic and random at times. I take a light hearted approach to the subject matter and give you my insight on how I tackle many issues relating to balding. Whether you're a professional who has accepted balding in years past or are new to the art of losing hair I am (we are) here for you! The collection of articles will continue to grow and become an epic online guide for all follicly challenged folks out there. I (we) hope you enjoy it!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few recommended reads:
First, I recommend viewing the visual guide to the 7 phases of hair loss.
Second, I recommend reading about where to start when you face hair loss.
Third, I recommend reading about the emotional phases of hair loss.
And finally, check out my personal hair loss journey to acceptance.

Many of the images used on this site are public domain pictures from Pixabay, free for commercial use and requiring no attribution, unless otherwise stated. If an image is not properly attributed let us know and we will fix it, we want to give credit where credit is due!

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