Why Natalie Portman Is Bald

Natalie Portman Bald

Above is the actress Natalie Portman lacking a certain something on top of her head and sporting a very clean shave that might make you envious. You might ask yourself "why did she shave her head bald?" In which the response to that is - she didn't, it's just photoshop not Alopecia. Of course around the internet you come across all kinds of interesting things and this was one of them. This image was created by eivyll as part of a contest focused on bald celebrities run by worth1000.com. What do you think of her hair free look?

Evey Hammond V For Vendetta Bald Natalie Portman Wait a minute, didn't she cut her hair off for a movie role? Yes she did! She buzzed her hair off for the 2005 film V For Vendetta playing the character Evey Hammond, a protagonist rescued by V from a gang of secret police (pictured right / image source: dc.wikia.com). You might also recognize her as Queen Amidala / Padme from Star Wars: Episode I, II and III and Jane Foster from the Thor movie series.

To wrap up this brief article, remember that Natalie Portman is not bald, you can blame photoshop for the transformation.

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