So You’re Balding, What Are You Gonna Do About It? And The Emotional Phases Of Hair Loss.

Bald Eagle Balding What Are You Gonna Do About It And The Emotional Phases Of Hair Loss

For all of us on this planet, big changes occur everyday. Change is inevitable and a constant part of living. It can be good and bad. Whatever the end result is, we find a way to make the best of it. As for many, millions of men around the world a big change can be hair loss. For most, it can be devastating, but is it really that serious? Well . . . yes, as a member of the folliclely challenged club I’ve had a first hand experience with the challenges balding brings.

Interested in hearing my story of embracing baldness? You can read it here!

The Challenges are determined by how you decide to tackle the problem, if you even view it as a problem at all.

Like any challenge there are obstacles that follow and many ways to handle the situation. Most men go through phases when first noticing hair loss. The amount and length of these phases will vary. So, without further ado let's bring in our friend and member of the bald club.

Meet Jack, The Bald Eagle and the emotional phases he went through on his journey to acceptance of being bald.

Denial Bald Eagle Jack Look Left Phase 1: Denial

Jack: "That’s not my hair I just pet the cat and brought a handful into the shower."

Jack, you had better be showering with the cat to have this excuse gain some traction. Not to mention your thinning locks perfectly match Fluffy’s orange coat.

Anger Bald Eagle Jack Angry Phase 2: Anger

Jack: "How come that 123 year old man down the street has a full head of hair and I got screwed?"

Well Jack, the hair fairy may have missed you but he was sure to get him. Better luck next time.

Depression Bald Eagle Jack Look Right Phase 3: Depression

Jack: "I’ll never get a date again, my life is over."

Hello again Jack, you’ll find that lots and I mean lots of women love guys with bald heads, but if you're the one they look over we’ll find a nice Mr. Clean ad to stick you in or perhaps sell you off to a bowling ball manufacturer. Maybe you'll get some more cats to keep you company.

Acceptance Bald Eagle Jack Flying Phase 4: Acceptance

Jack: "I can do this!"

Hallelujah Jack, you’re dealing with hair loss like a real man should, welcome to the club!

If you’re lucky enough to make it to acceptance and deal with hair loss in a mature way, there are plenty of options to keep you lookin’ good! First, consider what look you want and what best fits you. There are millions of men around the world, successful men that are leading full lives without a head of hair. Can you believe that!?!

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