Scientists Have Found A Cure For Baldness And Thinning Hair! It's Called Acceptance And A Razor.

Scientists Found Cure For Baldness And Thinning Hair

BREAKING NEWS: After spending millions of dollars and countless hours of exhaustive research, Scientists have discovered the cure for baldness and thinning hair! Fantastic! What is it? (asks the curious balding man) - Great question! Published in this weeks health journal is a lengthy article spanning 15 pages, which has the cure spelled out in 4 simple words (and a lot of white space): Acceptance and a Razor!

Here are just a few of the millions of testimonials:
This is just remarkable! We are truly living in amazing times!
- George
WOW, I can finally date!
- Frank
I can ride a bike again!
- Jim

Joking aside, scientists are much closer to curing pattern baldness, (but not quite there) and there are many products available that promote hair growth, the most popular being Rogaine; which is a product made up of Minoxidil that slows / stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth in some people. This product generally does not work on receding hairlines but does help regrow hair on the crown of the head.

Circling back to curing baldness, a study done by a research team at Columbia University Medical Center tested blocking a family of enzymes promoted hair regrowth on mice within 10 days. The drug given to the mice inhibeted the Janus kinase (JAK) enzymes which caused a rapid promotion of hair regrowth when applied to the skin. And after 3 weeks the mice given the treatment had regrown nearly all of their hair back. If you'd like to read the full report on this study go to Check out the image below of the test subjects:

Mice Test Janus kinase Hair Regrowth Study Columbia University

Now, back to reality (for now?) Acceptance is the first step to gaining full control of your struggle with hair loss and pattern baldness. Take it like a champ, look in the mirror and say "I can do this, I'm going to shave my head and stop holding on to the dream!" Then grab your shaving cream, razor and aftershave; turn on the hot water and go to town! Shave your hair off and give yourself that clean look you desperately need. Just like the slogan said by Mens Wearhouse: "You're going to like the way you look I guarantee it!" (Hopefully).

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