Review Of The HeadBlade ATX Razor On Giving You A Nicely Shaven Bald Head

Review Of The HeadBlade ATX Razor On Giving You A Nicely Shaved Bald Head

If you’re tired of the everyday razor and are looking for a pimped out blade complete with rims and what looks to be the front end of a trike motorcycle, check out the Headblade ATX by HeadBlade! By far, it’s the most unique razor I’ve ever seen and quite frankly, pretty cool. And don’t worry it functions just as good as it looks, unless you think it’s ridiculous (perhaps you can use it as a fill in for your kids hot wheels?)

The concept behind the design was to make shaving your head easier and faster. It combines finger slots, a pivoting head, wheels and a curved design to contour to your dome, thus leaving a smooth shave.

A great feature is it’s compatibility with Gillette, Schick, Noxzema and Old Spice blade replacements. That was smart! It’s nice to see the designers think outside the box.

Do follow the directions before using it. No, they didn’t recreate the shaving process, but they did make it easier . . . granted you play by the rules they lay out for you. If you press down too hard you’ll end up with a scalp nicked up and bloodier than the face at the wrong end of a Pacquiao punch! Instead let the blade work for you, let it glide by pressing the plastic piece at the back of the razor until it makes scalp contact, than shave away! Make sure to shave long paths, you don’t have to use short strokes.

And finally, if the Headeblade finger slot does not fit right, they recommend heating it up with a hair dryer and adjusting it to your liking. If this worked for you, let us know we’d love to hear about it!

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HeadBlade ATX Razor Computer Graphic
HeadBlade ATX Razor Top
HeadBlade ATX Razor Side Blades

Overall, I think the product works well. It does take some getting use to, due to it's unique design. After the second and third time shaving my head with it I noticed a difference. I cut my shaving time down and my head was smoother. I did however, have to go back with a basic razor and clean up areas (something to keep in mind). If you're interested in trying the product out yourself! If you'd like to read more information on this product and others from this company, visit their website

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