Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge Embracing His Bald Look With Class

Prince William Bald Duke Of Cambridge Embracing His Balding With Class

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William has finally embraced his hair loss. He realized that "holding onto the dream" of hair was not as rewarding as he had hoped for as time progressed. Thus, a much shorter cut was in order for the follicly challenged leader, which looks far better than his prior look (see images below). It definitely suits him better as the dreams he once had of luscious locks were slowly turning into nightmares. He is pictured above (image source: i-images;) with his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. What do you think of his updated look versus his past hair style below? If you're interested in more images of him, you can stop by here at Dailymail.

Prince William Bald

image source: REX
Prince William Balding

image source:

The Duke has come a long way from his prior follicle mishaps. Everyone embraces balding in different ways and we're glad to see it's finally working in his favor.

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