Bald - Defined. Why It Matters And Charles Darwin.

Bald Defined Why It Matters And Charles Darwin Balding

Bald (as defined in Merriam-Webster)
  • lacking a natural or usual covering (as of hair, vegetation, or nap)
  • having little or no tread (bald tires)
  • marked with white
  • lacking adornment or amplification (a bald assertion)
  • undisguised, palpable (bald arrogance)
Whether you have flowing locks or are part of the follicly challenged club, when the word bald is tossed into any conversation, chances are a specific visual pops in your head. That visual may be Mr. Clean, Vin Diesel, Charles Darwin (pictured above), a Bald Eagle or even your Uncle Pete. What if you're Uncle Pete isn't bald? Then pick a different Uncle. Whatever that visual is, you associate it to the word. You've been doing this type of learning since you were in diapers, visual cues make learning quicker and increases your memory, the World Memory Championships proves this works.

Why does the definition matter? As the saying goes "before we defeat the enemy, we must first define the enemy." If you're going to master the art of being bald you need to define the problem and accept the challenge! If you're still holding on to the dream and brushing a few strands across your head in hopes of fooling the masses you're not ready. When you are, let us know. And you can start by reading about the Emotional Phases Of Hair Loss.

Why the picture of Charles Darwin? No reason. We thought a black and white photo of a famous (bald) person could help draw more attention to the article and make it look sophisticated. Did it work? For those of you who don't know who Charles Darwin was, first and foremost: he was a bald man; second: he was the Father of Evolution. For more on that, check out his book: The Origin of Species.

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