A Look At Ancient Mans First Case Of Thinning Hair And Where Balding Came From

Homo Naledi A Look At Ancient Mans First Case Of Thinning Hair And Where Balding Came From

Where did balding come from? That has been the number one question asked by man (and woman) since the beginning of time. Today that question will be answered, (in some way). So where do we start? Let's take a trip back millions of years ago, when flip phones were the norm and organizing your VHS tape collection was a Friday night ritual. We have arrived inside a South African cave, where it's been a long work week for this family of 5 Homo Naledi who are organizing their movie collection and deciding what tape to play in their new VCR. And look closely, they're sending their first text on their newly purchased flip phones, (Nokia would be proud).

A brief overview of Homo Naledi, (pictured above, image source: National Geographic). They're an extinct species of hominin who were small in stature with skulls shaped similar to early Homo species. In 2015 over 1500 specimens were unearthed from a cave in the Rising Star Cave system in South Africa's Gauteng province. Giving us all closure on where balding came from?

Balding and pattern baldness is most often caused by genetics (80% of the time) and is linked to your families DNA. Genes inherited from both mom and dad are the root to the cause of that thinning mop on the top of your head (I know this from personal experience). In a related study focused on German men done in 2005, researchers found a link to balding on the X chromosome and the androgen receptor (AR) gene.

Circling back to our present location, we look in on the family of 5, who have finally picked a flick to watch but are paying no attention to it because their flip phones are taking precedence. This gives us time to investigate dad's thinning hair and his journey to baldness. Ah yes, it is clear, he's losing his hair (see the above image). It's only a matter of time before he decides to hold on to the dream or accept and embrace a bald lifestyle! Choose wisely.

So remember, while you can blame your parents for that receding hairline, you should really blame ancient man for starting the cause.

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