5 Famous Men Who Make Balding Look Great

5 Famous Men Who Make Balding Look Great

If you’re looking at that thinning mop on top of your head and are feeling depressed, look at the bright side, even bald men have become famous. Many of these men are still around today as proof that success is much more then flowing locks. Let's look at a few shall we?

Patrick Stewart Famous Bald Man Patrick Stewart

Known for his starring roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek and Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies, Mr. Stewart has shown that a little side hair or a completely shiny dome are . . . number one.
Jason Statham Famous Balding Man Jason Statham

Known for his action films and martial arts, Mr. Statham has shown that a short buzz cut on thinning hair does the (Italian) Job.

image by: Georges Biard
Michael Jordan Famous Bald Man Michael Jordan

Six-time NBA Champion and the most widely recognized pro basketball player of all time, Jordan starting shaving his head early in his career and never looked back. This obviously was a contributing factor in his brilliant career.

image by: Joshua Massel
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Famous Balding Man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Professional Wrestler and famed actor, The Rock has either eased into the clean shaven look or scared his own hair away, either way he looks great. We can’t blame the hair, we’d run away too before getting pummeled.

image by: Eva Rinaldi
Vin Diesel Famous Bald Man Vin Diesel

Action movie star and famed actor, Vin Diesel a.k.a Mark Sinclair has become the icon of multiple movie franchises and to this day does not get Furious (7) over the loss of his follicles.

image by: Andre Luis
So there you have it, before you agree that all is lost, and even though you’ll never be one of these men, you still have as great a shot at success as anyone out there with a full head of hair. Or . . . perhaps a better shot?

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