12 Reasons Why Being Bald Is Great And 1 Reason Why It Is Not

12 Reasons Why Being Bald Is Great And 1 Reason Why It Is Not

If you're one of the many individuals on this great planet that have embraced the epic-ness of being bald, congratulations! You have conquered what many have not! Now, let's focus on the 12 reasons why being bald is great and 1 reason it is not. Are you ready?

The Good:

1. Never spend money on a haircut.
2. Never spend money on (head) hair products, (you'll still need to upkeep that beard).
3. Your Facial hair looks even better on you. (A bald head is a beards best accessory)
4. Never wake up with bed head, only (bed beard).
5. You'll have conquered a fear of many.
6. Dressing up as Gru from the movie Despicable Me is an easy and very fitting Halloween costume.

Despicable Me Movie

7. Have a legitimate excuse (for your other half) on why you're spending more money on unique and fancy razors.
8. Be the first to know of snowfall, rainfall and meteorites.
9. Spend zero time Googling Hair Loss Cure and Why Me?.
10. Commanding the Enterprise or leading the X-men is a valid career opportunity. (Patrick Stewart)

Jean Luc Picard Star Trek Next Generation

11. You look cool in sunglasses.
12. Your Balding Radar is always on high alert, (spot hair loss instantly).

The Bad:

1. Sun Burn. (Make sure to pack and apply your sunscreen)

What are your thoughts on this list? Do any of these apply directly to you and what would you add to the list? Leave your comments below!

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