A Look At Ancient Mans First Case Of Thinning Hair And Where Balding Came From

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Homo Naledi A Look At Ancient Mans First Case Of Thinning Hair And Where Balding Came From

Where did balding come from? That has been the number one question asked by man (and woman) since the beginning of time. Today that question will be answered, (in some way). So where do we start? Let's take a trip back millions of years ago, when flip phones were the norm and organizing your VHS tape collection was a Friday night ritual. We have arrived inside a South African cave, where it's been a long work week for this family of 5 Homo Naledi who are organizing their movie collection and deciding what tape to play in their new VCR. And look closely, they're sending their first text on their newly purchased flip phones, (Nokia would be proud).

Why Natalie Portman Is Bald

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Natalie Portman Bald

Above is the actress Natalie Portman lacking a certain something on top of her head and sporting a very clean shave that might make you envious. You might ask yourself "why did she shave her head bald?" In which the response to that is - she didn't, it's just photoshop not Alopecia. Of course around the internet you come across all kinds of interesting things and this was one of them. This image was created by eivyll as part of a contest focused on bald celebrities run by worth1000.com. What do you think of her hair free look?

The Balding Blog - A Guide To Embracing Baldness Like A Champ

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The Balding Blog A Guide To Embracing Baldness Like A Champ Military General Ambrose Burnside

Have you started losing your hair? Are you lost and frustrated over your thinning follicles? Is your hairline receding and you don't know where to start? Don't stress, you've landed at the right place to help you with all your follicly challenged needs. This website is a guide dedicated to helping millions of people all over the world facing hair loss to accept it, embrace it and move forward like a champ; you can do it!

Scientists Have Found A Cure For Baldness And Thinning Hair! It's Called Acceptance And A Razor.

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Scientists Found Cure For Baldness And Thinning Hair

BREAKING NEWS: After spending millions of dollars and countless hours of exhaustive research, Scientists have discovered the cure for baldness and thinning hair! Fantastic! What is it? (asks the curious balding man) - Great question! Published in this weeks health journal is a lengthy article spanning 15 pages, which has the cure spelled out in 4 simple words (and a lot of white space): Acceptance and a Razor!

Bald Men, Do They Look Better With Or Without Facial Hair? Celebrities Make Great Examples.

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Bald Men Celebrity Actors Do They Look Better With Or Without Facial Hair

To get straight to the point, in my opinion, I feel that having facial hair helps balance out a great look when you're follicly challenged. I shave my head to a sparkling shine every couple of days and keep a neat beard. On the occasion that I've felt compelled to shave my facial hair off, it reminds me why I shouldn't and usually don't. Why you ask? Well, when sporting fancy whiskers, I actually look my age and quite mature (even if I'm pretending). When I lose the fuzz, I trade in my adult pants for those of a high schooler who gets carded trying to attend a PG-13 movie. I realize that looking younger is not the worst thing in the world, but I just prefer to look my age.

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